Guipure Care

When you buy guipure, take an interest in its exact composition, because this will affect the features of caring for the product. Guipure is a beautiful openwork fabric, and at first glance it may seem that the fabric is too vulnerable and requires extraordinary care and care. As for caution, of course, like any lace, guipure can be accidentally hooked and damaged. But she is unpretentious in leaving.

It is better to wash it manually or in a washing machine on a delicate mode, at a temperature of 30 degrees, without using the spin cycle, as this can damage the fabric structure. When using machine wash, the composition of the fabric must be taken into account. If there are 85% or more lace in the fabric, and they are connected with dense threads throughout the area, then washing with a machine will not create problems. If most of the fabric area is in the form of a connecting mesh, wash only by hand.

Products should be ironed carefully, taking into account the amount of mesh and the composition of synthetics, so as not to see how the connective tissue, and possibly lace, is spreading under the hot iron.

Guipure is a practical fabric, it withstands many washings, and at the same time does not lose its luxurious appearance. Guipure outfits are ideal not only for special occasions, but also for everyday life.


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