The history of the Muslim clothing store Malyabis


My name is Farida. I, along with my partner Sauda, ​​are the owners of the Malyabis Islamic clothing store. Today Malyabis is a popular and well-established store in the Muslim clothing market. Having achieved such results, I always want to look back and look at the hard way that has been done.

In 2009, I still lived in Moscow and did not even think that I would return to Dagestan and live here. I always wanted to wear a scarf and perform prayers, but all the time I put off this day. And now, not even a year has passed since I returned to Dagestan as I began to cover myself, perform prayers and study the religion of Islam. But even then I knew that the greatest sin is polytheism and that only Almighty Allah is worthy of worship. After some time, I began to think about starting my own halal business. So that it was in demand and benefit Muslim women. I thought about sewing Muslim dresses. But then it was incomprehensible to my mind. The cut for me was something far away. Looking at the clothes, I wondered how so, the seamstresses cut this sleeve and put it in the armhole. But! Each business will find its result if it is carried out gradually, most importantly with constancy. I believe that this is the basis in all matters, because even in Islam there is more good and benefit for the believer from the good deeds done, albeit little by little, but with constancy. So, about 10 years ago, I had no idea that my life would be connected with the world of design and sewing of our elegant dresses. I praise Allah for predestinating this to me.

Why Malyabis?

الملابس - translated from Arabic is the plural of the word "clothing".

In 2015, we opened an atelier for tailoring dresses and thought about what name to give it. I wanted something simple, but at the same time capacious and sonorous. Having consulted at that time, with my Tajwid teacher, she offered to name Malyabis. I liked this name, besides it corresponded to our occupation.

From the instagram page to the full store.

We did not stand still. After a short existence of the atelier and the Instagram page (@malyabisshop), there was a need to develop further and open our own clothing store in Khasavyurt. We found a suitable room in the shopping center Arbat, on Kirova street (now Hamidova) 70, and by the grace of Allah, after some time, our store was ready to receive the first visitors.

A lot of time and energy was given by us to gain your trust, and we are very grateful to everyone who chooses us.

After some more time, in 2018 our website started working. We try to do everything so that it is easy and convenient for the client to choose, buy or individually order the product they like (dress, himar, wrap, etc.). And we’ll talk more about how to order in a separate article.

We try to keep up to date and respond to the demand and needs of our customers. So, in light of the growing popularity, in recent years, for Muslim wedding dresses (dresses on nicknames), it was decided to open a separate store of Muslim wedding dresses. And of course, a separate Instagram page appeared - @nikah_malyabis. Undoubtedly, it is gratifying that Muslim women began to pay due attention to the choice of wedding attire and to choose a robe that is in accordance with Islamic standards.

Thank you, our dear customers, for staying with us. We, in turn, will do everything to please you with quality and constant updates. After all, work on improving quality does not stop almost never. Each client is dear to us, and we are very pleased when they come back to us again and again.